Slip & Fall Statistics​

Closer Look at Slip & Fall Incident Statistics

Closer Look at Slip & Fall Incident Statistics

  • Over 540,000 Slip-Fall injuries requiring hospital care occur annually in North America.
  • Slip-falls account for over 300,000 disabling injuries per year in North America.
  • One in three severe bone breaks for seniors results in death within one year of the accident.
  • Slip-falls account for over 20,000 fatalities per year in North America – i.e. 55 persons per day.
  • It is the second leading cause of accidental death and disability after automobile accidents.
  • Slip-falls kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents.
  • Slip-falls are the number one cause of accidents in Hotels, Restaurants and Public Buildings; 70% occur on flat and level surfaces.
  • Slip-falls are the leading cause of death in the workplace and the source of more than 57% of all disabling injuries.
  • Slip-fall accidents account for 30% of all reported injuries.
  • There are social burdens related to this problem, including Worker’s Compensation claims of over $1.8 billion per year—i.e. 40% of all accident claims paid out. Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance Rates are increasing on average 30% per year.
  • The focus should be on prevention, not compensation.
  • The total expense of slip-fall injuries alone is $100 million per day

PROTECT YOURSELF A federal law, Bill C- 45, provides for workplace health and safety requirements and the penalties for violations that result in injuries or death. Learn more about the Westray Bill (Bill C-45).

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