Expert Floor Safety Solutions in Toronto

Explore Safety and Cleanliness with our premier floor care solutions, ideal for businesses. Rely on our team of experts to deliver reliable surface cleaning products tailored to your needs.

Enhancing Toronto's Safety,
One Step at a Time

With a focus on reducing slip-and-fall accidents, our expert solutions aim to minimize injuries caused by hazardous walking surfaces. Trust us to pave the way for safer environments in your area.

Our primary product, Safe Solution®, works by dramatically increasing the Coefficient-of-Friction of hard mineral-surface flooring (e.g., ceramic tile) and steel enamel bathtubs, making them less slippery, especially when soaking wet! Treatment with Safe Solution® permanently,
microscopically, and invisibly changes the surface characteristics of these structures to produce the desired anti-slip effect.

Our Products

The Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment is used at Auto Dealerships, Pool Facilities, Malls, Restaurants, and more.

Traction Enhancement

Our Traction Enhancing Formulas have been documented to meet and exceed all coefficients of friction testing.

Cleaning Formulas

We provide proven cleaning formulas that clean and rejuvenate the most challenging surfaces. These are the only cleaners you will ever need, at work or at home.

Universal Application System

Our universal application system, developed by our specialists, has been optimized to provide the best possible results.

Floor Care Safety Program

We establish an exclusive Safety Program to reduce the risk of Slip & Fall incidents and to document the efforts to limit liability.

Common Projects

With over two decades of experience, we’ve effectively enhanced floor safety across diverse projects.

Enhanced Safety on Most Surfaces

Our anti-slip treatment process works on most hard mineral surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, granite, concrete, porcelain bathtubs, and more. It is excellent for malls, restaurants, pool decks, lobbies, patios, and anywhere else a slippery floor may exist.

Enhancing Safety on Pool Decks

We will dramatically reduce slip-and-fall hazards on pool deck surfaces and in change rooms. We will also eliminate most calcium deposits throughout.

Providing the Right Cleaner for your Floors

The proper cleaner for floor care safety is paramount. We recommend using Clean Step™ as your dedicated everyday floor cleaner and for many other cleaning uses.

Excellent for Outdoor Surfaces

The Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment is as effective on outdoor surfaces as it is for indoor surfaces.

Safe-Solution Anti-Slip Treatment

Our solution dramatically increases the Coefficient-of-Friction on hard mineral surface flooring, effectively reducing slipperiness, especially when wet.

Our Clients Love Us

Our clients highly regard us, expressing their satisfaction and loyalty. Discover why our services are loved.

We are committed to the best quality products and services for your anti-slip floor care safety and specialized cleaning needs for both the commercial and residential sectors.

“The YMCA has a long-standing relationship with GFSN. They are excellent at removing tough stains and rejuvenating tile while making it safe for our members with their Anti- Slip and cleaning products.”


Director of Operations (Former), Robert Lee YMCA


worried about slippery floors?

Let us help you! Dedicated anti-slip floor care safety is our specialty. We offer unparalleled floor care safety cleaning products and services.

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